A world where stories have power to change the world and how we see ourselves and each other. 



Stories are the fiber that connect us to each other. Let's use storytelling to inspire the world and call people to act to better our world. 



Growing up, I rarely saw media that connected to my life, my story or my aspirations. As I've become more interested in media, it has become painfully obvious that Hollywood does not produce content about people who look like me or people with my background. And in the rare moments when they do, it seems to be a stereotyped caricature. I would like to specifically see more women and people of color holding leading roles and playing strong characters with complex identities, as is evident in real life. Hollywood might take a while to understand the necessity of such roles. SO... using this platform, I will be creating the type of content that I wish to see in the world! I'd love to hear your feedback and to have you along on this journey. 


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